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Built with the most talented and skilled experts, the Smart Tablet is a must-have product in your rooms


Yes, Stayficient offers in room smart tablets which can be either android tablet and iPadiPad.
Yes, we provide smart tablets in different sizes. For android smart tablets 7 inch 9.65 inch and 10.1 inch.For iPad sizes available are 11 inch and 12.9 inch.
THe battery lasts based on usage away from the dock station and charges once it's put back into dock station. An average of about 5 to12 hours.
Yes,the tablet comes with a dock station or charging stand.
Yes, the tablet supports voice assistants API both Alexa and Google..

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Admin Tools

Yes, the admin has the overall control of tablets and database through the specialised backend secure admin portal.
Yes, the theme of the application on the tablet can be modified based on the customer's need . We provide default templates too.
Yes, in the backend admin portal we provide options to delete, edit and modify various operations and titles.
Yes, the admin user interface visualises results and performs graphical analytics.The graphical representations are also customizable based on the client’s requirements.
The admin tool is compatible with almost all browsers. The recommended browser is google chrome.

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Stayficient is powerful enough to provide automation control to the entire hotel as well as other services such as restaurant, kitchen, spa, gym, room service etc. Upon request the automation can be provided to any section of the entire hotel.
Stayficient hardware products are designed in such a way that there will be only minor changes to the existing infrastructure. In most of the hotels our product co-existed with already available hardware resources.
Depending on the hotel's timeline, our team can be flexible by deploying the required number of resources.
Depending on the hotel's timeline, our team can be flexible by deploying the required number of resources.
For specific room categories different models of tablets can be installed upon request.

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No, the rental plan is only for tablets. The harare and the installation charges are seperate.
All three types of switches ( i.e. Sensor, manual & touch) are used for device control.
Capacitive type of touch switch is used.
Yes, fan and room brightness regulators are included in the device.
Yes, different colors and styles are available.

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Thefts are very rare, as the tablet has no value outside the hotel. For theft avoidance we have an advanced sensor security system which will indicate an alarm when the tablet is taken out of the hotel.
The communication is encrypted end to end with advanced security protocols.
Yes, an emergency call button is available on the tablet.
Yes, tablet can be on the docking station 24*7 without any damage.
We use a third party payment gateway which accepts local and international card payments (VISA/MASTER) through a secure web service

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Technical Support

Through the admin login portal, there will be a live chat option with a 24x7 dedicated support line. In addition to live chat, there are other support services through customer support calls and emails.
Software troubleshooting will be handled remotely.
Hardware troubleshooting will be handled by a physical visit to the hotel.
Yes, the hotel can customize the dashboard through admin portal. Any major customizations can be implemented upon request.
No separate charges for technical support.

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Technical Trainning

Yes, there will be a detailed training session for the hotel staff on the application usage explaining all the features and functioning of the application.
Training will ideally take one day one session and can be done in different batches.
Yes, Webinar can be scheduled upon request.
Yes, training will be provided after every upgrade.
Yes, detailed documentation for troubleshooting will be available on the admin portal.

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Smart tablets can be purchased as well as rental facility is available
Tablets once purchased cannot be returned, but it does have warranty period as per standard terms.
Yes there is a warranty period as per warranty terms and conditions. There is no additional cost for the standard warranty period.
Additional/Extended warranty for the tablet/hardware is available at an additional cost.

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Rental plan for tablets

Rental plan includes:
  • Tablets and docks for each guest room.
  • Spare tablets and docks.
  • Shipment of hardware to your hotel.
  • Setup of themes.
  • Full range of Stayficient features.
  • 24/7 technical support through the life of the rental plan.
  • Free software updates.
Not any special requirements from the hotel.
Advance options are available for 6 months and 12 months depending on volume of order.
Lifetime free service will be provided for the rental plan. Free service will not cover any physical damages or damages due tablet dropping inside water.
In case the hotel wants to cancel the rental plan and subscribe to purchase package, we provide two options:
  • Rent to Own option for the existing smart tablets/iPad
  • Replacement option for a new tablet/iPad

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System updates / upgrades

Yes, the system has automatic updates for admin software
Yes, the system has automatic updates for the tablet app.
No additional cost for version updates.
Based on the requirement we can modify certain features on request, but this will add up cost.
Yes, all package costs are pre-determined. In case of any package upgrade there will be additional cost based on hotel requirements.

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